Court Rules Zillow Falsely Labeled Rex Listings as Case Heads to Trial

inman™  |  August 23, 2023

Despite the ruling, Zillow said it looks forward to presenting its case to a jury and is 'confident that the evidence will show that REX’s business failed. Read more

Facebook Referral Groups Are a Joke. Here's How to Improve Them

inman™  |  August 22, 2023

Those beloved referral groups on Facebook may not be the answer to your professional prayers, writes Inman contributor Sue Benson. Read more

Here's How to Avoid a Smoke-and-mirrors Tech Trap

inman™  |  August 22, 2023

When selected and used correctly, the right technology can be rocket fuel for your business, Mosaik CEO Sheila Reddy writes. Read more

Keller Williams Cuts Profit Sharing for Agents Who Fled to Competitors

inman™  |  August 22, 2023

The franchisor will slash profit sharing for 'vested KW agents who actively compete with our brokerages' unless they return within 6 months. Read more

The Fed, the Market and Memories of the Global Financial Crisis

inman™  |  August 22, 2023

While naysayers and doomsdayers compare today's real estate market to 2008, the numbers tell a very different economic story. Read more

Tell Us About a Major Obstacle You Overcame as a Newbie: Pulse

inman™  |  August 22, 2023

What carried you through those first days as a new real estate agent, and what secrets do you have to share with new agents now? Read more

Rapattoni Hack Illustrates the Need for This 13-step Contingency Plan

inman™  |  August 21, 2023

Real estate-related companies are frequent targets for cybercrime because of their decentralized structure and high-dollar-value services. Read more

Redfin’s Return to Office Shows Unique Stress for Us Office Market

inman™  |  August 21, 2023

Experts expect US companies to adjust remote work policies in the coming 6-12 months as the office market suffers. Read more

13k Nyc Rent-stabilized Units Have Been Vacant Since 2021: Study

inman™  |  August 21, 2023

NYC's Independent Budget Office's study found 13,362 rent-stabilized units have been empty at least 2 years, saying it's 'impossible' Read more

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